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Episode 9

Featuring ham radio Essex-style! We visit the south east to report on the work of Chelmsford ARS, Essex Repeater Group and the virtual amateur radio club, Essex Ham. We at TX Factor send our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Clive Ward G1EUC who became SK after this film was made. Chris Stubbs M6EDF is the man behind the balloon launch featured in this episode.

Up, Up and Away - TX date 2nd September 2016

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Show Notes for Episode 9 (TXF09)

Please note that all URL links included in these notes are, to the best of our knowledge, correct and have been tested, although from time to time some may appear not to be working at the time of reading this. Sorry for the inconvenience, however, these things do happen, and a search on Google or similar should provide you with more up-to-date links. 

Southend Pier

No visit to Southend-on-Sea is complete without a visit to Southend Pier, the longest pleasure pier in the world at 1.34 miles long.

Find out more at southend.gov.uk

Essex Repeater Group


Chelmsford Amateur Radio Club

Chelmsford is inextricably linked with the history of radio. The first ever scheduled broadcasts in the UK came from the station 2ET at Writtle and were organised by the Marconi company which was based in Chelmsford for many decades.

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Club continues that link by providing a training programme that has encouraged hundreds of newcomers to gain their Amateur Radio Licence.

Chris Chapman G0IPU is the Club’s Chairman and appears in this episode to tell us more about their training success. They have a very informative web site at g0mwt.org.uk

The new Martin Lynch and Sons Training Academy

The Ham Radio Training Academy (HRTA) is opening at the ML&S Store in September 2015. A large separate area on the first floor of the building has been put aside especially for training of the Foundation, Intermediate and later Advanced Amateur Radio examinations. In addition “Workshops” featuring lectures and presentations on Ham Radio operating techniques, Modern Ham Radio Stations, Contest Operating and many other Ham Radio related topics will be a regular feature from Wessex House. The area is fully air-conditioned and kitted out with desks and equipment relevant to the training of Ham Radio. For more info hamradio.co.uk/training

Essex Ham

A totally different kind of radio club, Essex Ham meets on air and on line and frequently gets together for the kind of ham radio activities shown in this episode. Their excellent website is a great ham-radio resource and contains a host of useful material including video and audio features on our fascinating hobby.

There is also a great deal of useful information for the newcomer to amateur radio or those who are thinking about getting involved, including some excellent videos explaining the hobby and helping you to get started essexham.co.uk

High Altitude Balloons Carrying Radio

Chris Stubbs M6EDF is the man behind the balloon launch featured in this episode. He is a fascinating person with a great deal of knowledge about this exciting new aspect of the hobby. Chris has his own highly informative site at chris-stubbs.co.uk

Well worth a look if you would like to get involved either launching or tracking balloons.

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