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Episode 31 is now live!

Episode 31 of TX Factor is now on the air.

See below for details of how to watch this latest show from the TX Factor Team. Do let us know if you enjoyed it or not!

TX Factor is a series of TV shows covering all aspects of the hobby of amateur radio - a professionally produced programme, now celebrating its tenth year.

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Episode 31

Welcome to our latest show!

Climb every mountain - TX date 30th June 2024

We present you with a dilemma! Whether to watch Euro 2024, the headline act at Glastonbury, study the manifestos of the UK political parties, or . . . to sit back and watch the latest episode from TX Factor. The choice is yours. However, this latest show will keep, so there's no need to rush.

In this programme, we look at the latest offering from Icom - the IC-R15 communications receiver. Bob and Mike discuss how best to configure the Anytone BT-01 bluetooth microphone with your Anytone AT-D578 - a boon for mobile operating. And, of course, part 2 of our two-part feature on operating via the QO-100 satellite with the Groundstation 2 from DX Patrol.

We hope, the best team wins (political party and the football!).

TX Factor is sponsored by the Radio Society of Great Britain.

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