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A To enable us to produce a regular 40 minute TV show on the subject of amateur radio requires a lot of time, expertise, passion about the subject matter - and a bit of cash. TX Films is a limited company but it keeps all profits to a minimum. Our presenters do not take a fee for their presenting or producing roles. However, the filming and post-production stages are expensive: travel, accommodation, substance, technical equipment, crew fees, website hosting and music royalties all add up to a significant cost-per-minute of ‘on-air’ time. We rely solely on funding from our valued sponsors and the good nature of many loyal viewers around the world. See our page on how to contribute to the TX Factor project. Thank you for your support!

Our wonderful sponsor . . . 

The Radio Society of Great Britain

The RSGB has been in existence since 1913 and continues to look after the interests of thousands of licensed amateurs and short-wave listeners in the UK and throughout the world.

The Society is dedicated to the development of the science and practice of amateur radio. It works to increase awareness and understanding of amateur radio and to make the hobby accessible to everyone.

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