TX Factor

Funding TX Factor

TX Factor is produced by TX Films Ltd, a non-profit making company set up by UK radio amateurs specifically to oversee the production of quality TV shows dedicated to promoting the hobby of amateur radio.

TX Factor episodes are currently part-financed through sponsorship and the goodwill of individuals. However, even with the much appreciated support from our main sponsor, the high cost of producing TV shows to the editorial and technical quality that TX Factor viewers have come to expect and appreciate restricts the number of episodes produced per year to six or seven. Of course, we would like to produce more and cover more topics, but it's just getting too expensive!

We are eternally grateful to the Radio Society of Great Britain as our main sponsor. The RSGB remains independent and does not influence the editorial content of TX Factor.

In previous years we have received requests to install a 'donate' button on our web site to enable loyal viewers to contribute to the production process. This we have resisted for as long as possible. However, we've continued to receive further requests from viewers wanting the means to offer some financial support - for which we are very flattered.

If you would like to contribute financially in any small way to the efforts of the TX Factor Team, we have now relented and installed a donate button below to facilitate donations via PayPal in pounds sterling, euros or US, Canadian and Australian dollars. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still donate through PayPal via your regular credit or debit card.

Please note that any money raised will be for the furtherance of production of TX Factor shows and not used for any other project. TX Films will not accept donations from any party wishing to influence the editorial content of TX Factor programmes.

You will be safe in the knowledge that your transactions are carried out via PayPal's secure systems.

Thank you!

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