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Our Presenters

A presenter is a person responsible for fronting an event, or someone who relays information or media by the means of broadcasting. News presenters tell us the latest Brexit news, sports commentators present an analysis of sporting events. Radio personalities do all the talking during or between radio shows. Disk jockeys spin the vinyl (or mp3s) and add that special touch to music programmes and discos. Weather presenters tell us when it’s going to rain. TX factor presenters . . . well that’s a whole different story. Find out more below!

‍Bob ‍McCreadie ‍G0FGX

‍Bob ‍began ‍his ‍broadcasting ‍career ‍in ‍the ‍Arabian ‍Gulf ‍as ‍a ‍presenter ‍on ‍Radio ‍Bahrain ‍and ‍as ‍a ‍news ‍reporter ‍for ‍the ‍TV ‍service. ‍That's ‍also ‍where ‍he ‍held ‍his ‍first ‍amateur ‍radio ‍licence ‍as ‍A92CX.

‍Bob ‍returned ‍to ‍the ‍UK ‍in ‍1986 ‍to ‍become ‍G0FGX ‍and ‍to ‍begin ‍his ‍UK ‍radio ‍career ‍which ‍has ‍involved ‍presenting ‍and ‍management ‍roles ‍at ‍several ‍of ‍the ‍west ‍country's ‍leading ‍commercial ‍radio ‍stations. ‍Bob ‍is ‍currently ‍the ‍Morning ‍Show ‍presenter ‍at ‍Radio ‍Plymouth ‍www.radioplymouth.com ‍yet ‍also ‍finds ‍time ‍to ‍write ‍and ‍publish ‍children's ‍books. ‍www.fredthefabulousflamingo.co.uk

‍Bob's ‍amateur ‍radio ‍interests ‍are ‍very ‍broad: ‍he's ‍active ‍on ‍HF, ‍VHF ‍and ‍UHF ‍and ‍particularly ‍enjoys ‍working ‍through ‍satellites ‍and ‍operating ‍mobile.

‍"I ‍would ‍describe ‍myself ‍as ‍a ‍real ‍technophile; ‍I ‍love ‍anything ‍to ‍do ‍with ‍science ‍and ‍technology, ‍so ‍amateur ‍radio ‍is ‍the ‍perfect ‍hobby ‍for ‍me," ‍says ‍Bob. ‍"After ‍a ‍hard ‍day ‍at ‍work ‍talking ‍to ‍people ‍on ‍the ‍radio ‍I ‍can ‍come ‍home ‍and ‍. ‍. ‍. ‍talk ‍to ‍people ‍on ‍the ‍radio!

‍Working ‍on ‍TX ‍Factor ‍is ‍a ‍fantastic ‍opportunity ‍to ‍combine ‍my ‍broadcasting ‍experience ‍with ‍the ‍hobby ‍I ‍am ‍so ‍passionate ‍about."

‍Mike ‍Marsh ‍G1IAR

‍Mike ‍has ‍been ‍a ‍music ‍industry ‍professional ‍for ‍over ‍30 ‍years ‍having ‍started ‍as ‍a ‍trainee ‍recording ‍engineer ‍in ‍a ‍multi-track ‍studio ‍in ‍Devon. ‍"As ‍a ‍kid ‍I ‍grew ‍up ‍loving ‍music ‍and ‍pushing ‍buttons ‍so ‍it ‍seemed ‍like ‍an ‍ideal ‍job!"

‍In ‍the ‍early ‍90s ‍Mike ‍fulfilled ‍his ‍ambition ‍to ‍broadcast ‍in ‍wideband ‍FM ‍mode ‍by ‍becoming ‍a ‍weekend ‍radio ‍presenter ‍on ‍one ‍of ‍the ‍largest ‍commercial ‍radio ‍stations ‍in ‍the ‍south-west ‍of ‍England. ‍"Radio ‍was ‍great ‍fun. ‍I ‍presented ‍a ‍variety ‍of ‍shows ‍including ‍The ‍Saturday ‍Night ‍Dance ‍Party, ‍the ‍Saturday ‍sport ‍show ‍and ‍the ‍Sunday ‍morning ‍breakfast ‍show.

‍Mike ‍is ‍now ‍senior ‍mastering ‍engineer ‍at ‍The ‍Exchange ‍Mike ‍Marsh ‍Mastering ‍Studios ‍in ‍Exmouth, ‍handling ‍releases ‍for ‍record ‍companies ‍and ‍international ‍artists ‍including ‍Elton ‍John, ‍Depeche ‍Mode, ‍Oasis ‍and ‍Dizzee ‍Rascal.

‍"I'm ‍active ‍on ‍most ‍bands ‍and ‍getting ‍to ‍grips ‍with ‍the ‍world ‍of ‍digi-modes. ‍I'm ‍still ‍eager ‍to ‍get ‍my ‍first ‍QSO ‍logged ‍with ‍the ‍ISS ‍but ‍that's ‍another ‍box ‍yet ‍to ‍be ‍ticked!

‍I ‍love ‍all ‍my ‍hobbies ‍but ‍radio ‍is ‍probably ‍the ‍one ‍I've ‍enjoyed ‍for ‍the ‍longest ‍time. ‍That's ‍why ‍I'm ‍super ‍excited ‍to ‍be ‍part ‍of ‍TX ‍Factor, ‍helping ‍to ‍make ‍programmes ‍about ‍the ‍fast-changing ‍world ‍of ‍technology ‍and ‍amateur ‍radio ‍in ‍the ‍21st ‍century."

‍Nick ‍Bennett ‍2E0FGQ

‍Nick ‍began ‍his ‍broadcasting ‍career ‍in ‍the ‍pioneering ‍days ‍of ‍commercial ‍radio ‍in ‍Plymouth ‍and ‍Exeter ‍during ‍the ‍seventies ‍and ‍eighties. ‍Although ‍a ‍broadcast ‍engineer ‍and ‍studio ‍technical ‍operator ‍Nick ‍was ‍equally ‍at ‍home ‍in ‍front ‍of ‍the ‍microphone ‍presenting ‍a ‍rock ‍show ‍for ‍12 ‍years.

‍Nick's ‍own ‍broadcast ‍engineering ‍company ‍Media ‍Concepts ‍designed, ‍installed ‍and ‍maintained ‍broadcast ‍radio ‍stations ‍for ‍the ‍Orchard ‍Media ‍Group ‍overseeing ‍the ‍construction ‍and ‍subsequent ‍refurbishment ‍of ‍its ‍portfolio ‍of ‍radio ‍stations. ‍He ‍later ‍joined ‍the ‍GWR ‍Group ‍as ‍regional ‍chief ‍engineer ‍and ‍gained ‍responsibility ‍for ‍maintaining ‍the ‍Group's ‍six ‍south-west ‍studio ‍centres ‍which ‍provided ‍seven ‍programme ‍services ‍feeding ‍14 ‍FM ‍and ‍AM ‍transmitters ‍via ‍a ‍proprietary ‍digital ‍distribution ‍and ‍satellite ‍network.

‍Nick ‍also ‍worked ‍as ‍a ‍studio ‍sound ‍supervisor ‍on ‍one ‍of ‍the ‍UK's ‍largest ‍regional ‍ITV ‍stations ‍and ‍today ‍spends ‍his ‍time ‍as ‍a ‍freelance ‍TV ‍and ‍film ‍sound ‍recordist ‍and ‍documentary ‍producer.

‍Nick ‍says, ‍"If ‍the ‍TX ‍Factor ‍filming ‍schedule ‍allows, ‍I ‍promise ‍to ‍attempt ‍the ‍Full ‍licence ‍sometime ‍in ‍2019! ‍I ‍tend ‍to ‍operate ‍on ‍most ‍bands ‍and ‍modes, ‍but ‍love ‍the ‍unpredictably ‍of ‍6 ‍metres ‍and ‍2 ‍metres ‍during ‍a ‍lift. ‍I’m ‍quite ‍into ‍FT8 ‍and ‍JS8Call ‍at ‍the ‍moment ‍and ‍a ‍keen ‍SOTA ‍chaser."

‍Pete ‍Sipple ‍M0PSX

‍Pete's ‍career ‍in ‍broadcasting ‍started ‍over ‍30 ‍years ‍ago ‍as ‍a ‍technical ‍operator ‍for ‍a ‍commercial ‍radio ‍station, ‍before ‍he ‍moved ‍into ‍the ‍area ‍of ‍commercial ‍production, ‍scriptwriting ‍and ‍engineering, ‍later ‍becoming ‍IT ‍manager ‍for ‍a ‍group ‍of ‍eight ‍radio ‍stations ‍in ‍the ‍South-East.

‍Pete ‍presents ‍an ‍online ‍technology ‍radio ‍show ‍called ‍FrequencyCast, ‍and ‍his ‍interest ‍in ‍amateur ‍radio ‍started ‍in ‍2010 ‍when ‍he ‍interviewed ‍a ‍radio ‍amateur ‍about ‍Marconi's ‍history. ‍He ‍was ‍so ‍taken ‍with ‍the ‍idea ‍of ‍communicating ‍around ‍the ‍world, ‍he ‍signed ‍up ‍on ‍the ‍spot ‍and ‍progressed ‍from ‍Foundation ‍to ‍Full ‍in ‍a ‍year. ‍

‍Keen ‍to ‍see ‍the ‍amateur ‍radio ‍hobby ‍better ‍promoted, ‍Pete ‍formed ‍a ‍virtual ‍amateur ‍radio ‍club ‍called ‍Essex ‍Ham, ‍which, ‍since ‍its ‍launch, ‍has ‍attracted ‍over ‍800 ‍members ‍from ‍around ‍the ‍world. ‍Essex ‍Ham ‍was ‍awarded ‍RSGB ‍Region ‍12 ‍Club ‍of ‍the ‍Year ‍in ‍2014, ‍and ‍runs ‍a ‍popular, ‍free, ‍online ‍Foundation ‍training ‍course.