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Episode 29

We’re beaming (almost) live across the airwaves with microwatts of broadband energy to bring you the long-awaited show 29 of TX Factor. In this programme we increase the power to as much as ten Watts when Bob, Dave and Noel head to the Wiltshire hills with a pair of Icom IC-905 all-mode transceivers to see what can be achieved.

Bob takes the TX Factor cameras to the heart of England to the UK’s last remaining shortwave transmission station and ramps up the power to a staggering 250 kilowatts. Woofferton, near Ludlow, is the home to some venerable Marconi senders from the 1960s still beaming programmes across the globe.

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TX Factor Calling - TX date 8th July 2023

Detailed show notes for Episode 29

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Show Notes for Episode 29 (TXF029)

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Icom IC-905

The IC-905 is the industry’s first microwave rig in the 144, 430, 1200, 2400, 5600 MHz and 10 GHz* bands.

Multi-mode operation in SSB, AM, FM, D-STAR DV/DD, and FM-TV (Amateur TV) is possible.

Output power is 10 W on 144, 430, 1200 MHz, 2 W on 2400, 5600 MHz, and 0.5 W on 10 GHz.

* CX-10G is required for 10 GHz operation.

For more details see the Icom UK website.


Woofferton HF Transmission Station

Woofferton shortwave transmission station is located in rural Shropshire, close to the English border with Wales, near the town of Ludlow. Woofferton has been operating for the past 60 years and currently provides TV and radio teleport services for the broadcast industry. It is one of the few remaining HF transmitting stations in the UK, delivering shortwave radio to millions of BBC World Service listeners.


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