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Episode 28

It’s been over a year since our last episode was released so we’re trying to make up for lost time by releasing show number 28 almost eight years after our first show back in February of 2014. Where have the years gone?!

In this show, Bob and Mike get to grips with constructing a digital voice modem using an MMDVM module kit and Raspberry Pi Zero, and Bob reviews the long-awaited ID-52 5W hand-held transceiver from Icom. As always there’s a chance to win a bundle of books from the RSGB in our free-to-enter draw. See here for terms and conditions and full details of how to enter. Don’t forget we also provide a podcast of the GB2RS news every week. Details of how to download or subscribe are here.

We’re back! - TX date 16th February 2022

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Show Notes for Episode 28 (TXF028)

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Icom ID-52E

    •    Worldwide Communication Through the D-STAR Network

    •    Picture Sharing Function

    •    Large 2.3 inch Colour Display

    •    Built-in Bluetooth Technology

    •    Waterfall Scope Function

    •    DV/DV Dualwatch as Well as Conventional V/V, U/U, V/U

    •    UHF Military Airband Reception (225-374.995 MHz/AM Mode)

    •    microSD Card Slot, Micro USB Connector

    •    IPX7 Waterproof and Tough Construction

    •    Significantly Increased Audio Output to 750 mW

For more details see the Icom UK website.


MMDVM Voice Modem

Mike has produced a worksheet containing all aspects of sourcing, construction and programming of the MMDVM hotspot which can now include the Raspberry Pi-Zero2.

Download the worksheet here

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