TX Factor

Episode 27

Another post-lockdown special? - Indeed! And we hope you are safe and well and looking forward to some TX Factor action. In this final show of 2020, we visit the home of a well-known and long-established amateur radio aficionado Don Field G3XTT. A year ago Don moved to a new QTH near Wells in Somerset, and back in March we visited him to find out how he’s settled in.

Bob and Mike get to grips with setting up an OpenSpot Gateway for mobile use.

And, we hear from RSGB General Manager Steve Thomas M1ACB on the amazing media response to this summer’s amateur radio revival during the lockdown period. All this and a free-to-enter draw!

We’re unlocked! - TX date 2nd December 2020

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Practical Wireless

To find out more about Practical Wireless and its sister publication Radio User go to



There is more information about all of the RSGB initiatives that Steve Thomas M1ACB spoke about in our interview at rsgb.org

SharkRF OpenSPOT

Full details of the openSPOT3, on-line shop and all the specifications and manuals for the previous models are at sharkrf.com

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