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Episode 19

In part one of our reports from Hamfest 2017 we have a sneak preview of the Icom IC-7610 and IC-R8600 rigs. We meet the new owners of PW Magazine, and Pete tries his hand at the RSGB on-line exam. There’s also an update on the Society’s EMC Committee’s findings. Bob finds his way back to New Broadcasting House in London where the Director General discovers he has amateurs working for the Corporation. Nevertheless, Lord Hall broadcasts from the shack of the newly resurrected club station G8BBC. And, Laurie Margolis G3UML recounts an historic QSO he had from the early 1980s.

BBC Workers’ Playtime - TX date 17th November 2017

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Show Notes for Episode 19 (TXF019)

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National Hamfest

National Hamfest is an event run at the Newark Show ground near Lincoln each year. The hall is packed with everything you need to set up and maintain an Amateur Radio Station. Whether your interest is CW, SSB, Data modes, QRP or QRO, you’ll find it there.  If you’re interested in Ham Radio this is a must visit experience. nationalhamfest.org.uk

Practical Wireless Magazine

Practical Wireless is a British amateur radio magazine, now published monthly by Warners Group Publications in Lincolnshire. The current editor is Don Field, G3XTT. The magazine has been around since 1932. Here is a link to their subscription website pocketmags.com


The prevention of interference between radio and electronic equipment has become a major issue. This comes under the general name of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The RSGB’s EMC Committee (EMCC) exists to help, advise, lobby and investigate all aspects of EMC. rsgb.co.uk

Icom IC-7610 and IC-R8600

Full details of these exciting new products from major manufacturer Icom can be found on the Icon UK website. TX factor will have full reviews in a future programme. icomuk.co.uk

VR-P25 Power Amplifier for Handies 

Fed up with the lack of power output from your Handheld? Martin Lynch now stocks the excellent range of MyDEL Power Amplifiers specifically designed for Handheld Transceivers. hamradio.co.uk

Prism Dust Covers

The entire range of personalised dust covers are now available from Martin Lynch and Sons. hamradio.co.uk/prism


G8BBC is a call sign attached to the Amateur radio Club based at New Broadcasting House in Portland Place, London. It was recently launched by BBC Director General Lord (Tony) Hall  g8bbc.com

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