TX Factor

Episode 17

TX Factor goes digital as Mike Marsh gives Bob McCreadie an introduction to operating on DMR, Yaesu Fusion and D Star. In part one of a three-part series, they take a trip to a local farm to see how an amateur has set up his own Fusion Gateway. Ever wonder why QSL cards take a long time to complete their journey? Bob finds out what we can do to help speed up he process. Pete spends a day with the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club at their annual field day event, Radio Active to discover why they won the coveted prize of RSGB Large Club of The Year.

No Con-Fusion Here - TX date 14th July 2017

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Show Notes for Episode 17 (TXF017)

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Part one of a three part series on Digital Modes

Yaesu Fusion/C4FM

There are quite a lot of on-line resources to help you get more information about the Yaesu digital format. 

For a good outline explanation go to systemfusion.yaesu.com

The RSGB UK Repeater list is a good place to check for Fusion repeaters in your area at


To register a Node or Repeater you need to go to Yaesu’s WIRES X page at yaesu.com/ jp/en/wires-x/regist/index.php where you can also find the full ID List mentioned in our feature. 

The excellent CQ-UK room is at cq-uk.com 

Of course don’t forget that if you are planning to run a Node or Repeater you will need a licence from OFCOM



All the information you need is at rsgb.org/main/operating/qsl-bureau

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club

The excellent Norfolk Amateur Radio Club website is at norfolkamateurradio.org 

The RSGB has a lot of useful information for clubs at rsgb.org/main/clubs

RSGB President Nick Henwood

If you would like to let RSGB President Nick Henwood know about your Club’s initiatives for promoting the hobby e mail him at president@rsgb.org.uk

The G0KYA Half Wave end fed Half Wave Antenna

For construction details of this amazing antenna see Steve Nichols excellent Blog at


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