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Episode 14

For your winter entertainment - enjoy part two of our informative series on HF and VHF propagation. Steve Nichols G0KYA concludes with his explanation on how space weather affects our ability to communicate on the HF bands. Bob parts with some cash at Hamfest and Mike chats to Phil Willis M0PHI and Cathy Clark G1GQJ, two movers and shakers in the world of amateur radio.

Weather Looks Good! - TX date 25th January 2017

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Show Notes for Episode 14 (TXF014)

Please note that all URL links included in these notes are, to the best of our knowledge, correct and have been tested, although from time to time some may appear not to be working at the time of reading this. Sorry for the inconvenience, however, these things do happen, and a search on Google or similar should provide you with more up-to-date links. 

HF Propagation 

Huge thanks again to Steve Nichols G0KYA for his item on HF propagation and to Jim Bacon G3YLA for inviting us to his offices at Weatherquest at the University of East Anglia.


Some of the sites mentioned and demonstrated by Steve are as follows:

The Chilton Ionogram ukssdc.ac.uk

SolarHam solarham.net

HF Propagation Prediction and Ionospheric Communications Analysis voacap.com

ITURHFProp - Propagation Predictions predtest.uk

Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network wsprnet.org

DX Cluster dxcluster.co.uk

Reverse Beacon Network reversebeacon.net

DX Maps dxmaps.com

Hamqsl hamqsl.com

ARRL arrl.org/propagation

Along with John Worsnop G4BAO Steve and Jim compile the excellent propagation report contained in the GB2RS News from the RSGB each week.

If you don’t hear the latest bulletin from your local newsreader or can’t catch our TX Talk podcast of the GB2RS news you will find a written transcript at rsgb.org just click on News on the home page.

Steve Nichols is the author of many articles and books on amateur radio, including Stealth Antennas and Radio Propagation Explained which are available from both the RSGB and ARRL.

Steve is also chairman of the RSGB Propagation Studies Committee. Find out more about their work at rsgb.org/main/technical/propagation

Other useful on-line propagation resources include: Make More Miles on VHF mmmonvhf.de


TX Factor now has a co-sponsor! The Radio Society of Great Britain has joined us, along with our established sponsor, Martin Lynch and Sons, in helping to fund the episodes we produce. We would like to welcome the RSGB and thank them for their most welcomed support. We look forward to our continued association with both organisations during the coming years. Remember, our sponsors do not exercise any editorial control over the content of our programmes.

RSGB Training and Education Committee

Thanks to Philip Willis M0PHI for his input into this episode. You can contact Philip via email at tec.chair@rsgb.org.uk or via the website rsgb.org.uk


Cathy Clark G1GQJ works on the Admin Support section of RAYNET. You can contact the team via the main RAYNET website raynet-uk.net

National Hamfest

Thanks to the guys at Hamfest for allowing us to film at their event. See you back in Newark at the end of September 2017! nationalhamfest.org.uk

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