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Episode 12

In this extended summer episode, there is not one, but two rig reviews. The Sun Expert Electronics Transceiver MB1 and the elusive Icom IC-7300 are comprehensively analyzed by ML&S' Gary Spiers M0TIG and Chris Ridley G8GKC from Icom UK. Also in this show, Bob teaches Mike a thing or two about amateur satellite operating, and our free-to-enter-draw gave viewers a chance to win a copy of the recently revised and updated Getting Started with Amateur Satellites book featured in the item - draw now closed!

Reach for the Sky - TX date 27th July 2016

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Show Notes for Episode 12 (TXF012)

Please note that all URL links included in these notes are, to the best of our knowledge, correct and have been tested, although from time to time some may appear not to be working at the time of reading this. Sorry for the inconvenience, however, these things do happen, and a search on Google or similar should provide you with more up-to-date links. 

Sun Expert Electronics SDR Transceiver MB1

This high-end SDR radio is reviewed in the show by Gary Spiers M0TIG. The MB1 transceiver - is a new trend in amateur radio, a transceiver and a computer in a single package. It combines a classic design, developed over several decades, with the most advanced DUC/DDC SDR-technologies - Direct Digital Conversion (DDC) and Digital Up Conversion (DUC), plus a fully-featured high-end personal computer with an Intel Core i5 processor on board. eesdr.com

Icom IC-7300

The latest SDR offering from Icom is reviewed by Chris Ridley G8GKC from Icom UK. The IC-7300 is a revolutionary compact radio that will excite HF operators from beginners to experts. This new model has a high-performance real-time spectrum scope and employs a new RF direct sampling system. The IC-7300’s real-time spectrum scope provides top- level performance in resolution, sweep speed and dynamic range. While listening to received audio, the operator can check the real-time spectrum scope and quickly move to the intended signal. The combination of the real-time spectrum scope and waterfall function improves the quality and efficiency of HF operation. icomuk.co.uk

Satellite Operating

The dual-band Arrow Antenna used by Bob and Mike was kindly loaned by Jim Heck G3WGM of AMSAT-UK. Although this particular model is sold from the USA, AMSAT-UK have a similar antenna available on their web shop, the ELK 2m/70cms Log Periodic Antenna which will do the job nicely! amsat.org/shop

Operating SO-50 document

The handy printout featured in the sequence - written by Howard Long G6LVBB


Getting Started with Amateur Satellites Book 

This amazing, and recently revised book is available on the AMSAT-UK web shop. If it’s not too late, why not enter the TX Factor free-to-enter draw to try and win a free copy. amsat.org/shop

AMSAT-UK - All Things Relating to Radio Amateur Satellites 

This fully comprehensive website will provide you with everything you need to know about the AMSAT-UK organisation which represents the amateur satellite community in the UK whose members not only operate amateur satellites but also help to design, build and fund them. amsat-uk.org

Orbitron Software

Orbitron is a satellite tracking system for radio amateur and observing purposes. It's also used by weather professionals, satellite communication users, astronomers, UFO hobbyist and even astrologers. The application shows the positions of satellites at any given moment (in real or simulated time). It's free (Cardware) and it's probably one of the easiest and most powerful satellite trackers, according to opinions of thousands of users from all over the world. stoff.pl


This is an incredible website-based graphical tracking facility that will provide up-to-date information on the various satellites you’re interested in. It’s in real time and with reference to your current location, and will offer AOS warnings and a lot more! It needs a web connection to operate. amsat.org.ar

FUNcube Dongle 

Devised and sold by Howard Long G6LVB. This device is a must for anyone not wanting to tie up their main rigs for downloading data and telemetry from the FunCube satellites. See Howard’s website for information of the FUNcube dongle Pro+ and the FUNcube project in general. funcubedongle.com

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